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There are people living between us that has molded themselves into a fantasy character. Learn about them in detail here.

Rolf Buchholz, The Man With The Most Body Modifications In The World

For many people, tattoos and piercings are an expression of their own identity. But for Rolf Buchholz, 60, it’s more like a way of life. And according to Guinness World Records, he now holds the record as the person with the most body modifications – 516.

According to the UPI news agency, the German-born Buchholz was not always so “prominent”. He got his first tattoo quite late, in his 40s, but he immediately became addicted to body art and began experimenting more with piercings.

Now, two decades after his first tattoo, Rolf Buchholz boasts a record number of alterations in his physical appearance. His body modifications include 453 piercings, 158 of which adorn his lips, tattoos, and two subdermal implants that protrude from the top of his head like a pair of horns.

The eyes of the world first turned their attention to Buchholz in 2010, when Guinness recognized him as the man with the most body piercings. At the time, her official count was 453, including 158 around her lips and 37 adorning her eyebrows.

The man also has scarification marks all over his skin and more than six subdermal implants around his wrists. About 90% of her body is also covered in tattoos, and not even her eyes have been spared from their extreme transformation.

Interestingly, of all her extreme procedures, Buchholz said the most painful experience was her palm tattoo. “It really hurts,” he said about his palms, which are covered in intricate tattoos. “I don’t have a lot of tolerance for pain.”

In 2012, Buchholz achieved another record to his name: the most body modifications. And since then, their inventory has only grown. Now it has at least 516 modifications.


These Are The People With The Most Extreme Tattoos And Body Modifications In The World.

For some, the human body is a temple of perfect beauty; others prefer to adorn it with beautiful minimalist tattoos or spectacular 3D works. You want to pick the right nose jobs surgery Miami.

It is true that modifying our body is a personal option, with which we feel good about ourselves, and the only limit should be what each of us wants to set.

However, there may be times when more is not always better, and extreme body modifications can be one of them.

Rick Genest: The Zombie Boy.

Rick Genest, or ‘Zombie Boy’ as he is known for his incredible tattoos, is one of the unique models that have been seen on the catwalks and fashion magazines. Thanks to his transgressive image, the Canadian model became the ‘fetish’ model of designer Nicola Formichetti and singer Lady Gaga.

Tom Leppard: The Leopard Man.

The former champion of the Guinness Book of Records as the most tattooed man in the world, Tom Leppard, has fled from fame. At 73 years old and after spending over £ 5,500 to cover his body in leopard spots, he has retired to spend his old age in a small cabin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Once a week, he travels by canoe to buy supplies and collect his pension, although he admits that he is getting too old to keep up.

Eric Sprague: The Lizard.

Born as Eric Sprague in 1972, today, he goes by the alias of “the lizard man.” Eric was one of the first men to have a forked tongue and is responsible for the recent popularity of this body modification.

At the age of 37, he has transformed into a reptile thanks to more than 700 hours of tattooing, five Teflon horns implanted under the skin of the eyebrows, the filing of his teeth into sharp fangs, the division of his tongue, and the stretching of your septum and earlobes.

Horace Ridler: The Zebra Man.

The monster of the carnival and professional artist Horace Ridler decided to introduce himself to the world as “The Great Omi or The Zebra Man.”

Horace Ridler was an English aristocrat who, after returning from World War I to London in the 1920s, began his transformation into one of the greatest rarities in the world. Tattooed from head to toe with black and white stripes, he became “The Great Omni – the Zebra Man.”

Paul Lawrence: The Enigma.

Paul Lawrence, dubbed “The Enigma”, is a fakir whose body has been tattooed from top to bottom with blue puzzle pieces. He makes a living doing stunts, swallowing sabres, and piercing his nose with a nail. He also swallows various liquids and moves them in his stomach in a slightly strange spectacle. He also confesses as an accomplished musician.

Lady Tigre: Enigma’s ex-wife.

Mrs Tiger is the stage name for Katzen, Enigma’s widely modified ex-wife. His theme is to look like a tiger, so he got a lot of tattoos done all over his body and moustaches were implanted on his face. Following her divorce from Enigma, Katzen works at a tattoo shop in Austin, Texas.

Etienne Dumont: Living art.

Etienne Dumont works as an art and pop culture critic for a Geneva newspaper. In his love of art, he began to cover his skin with tattoos of vibrant colours and placed silicone implants under the skin of his head to create horns. 2.7-inch rings on each earlobe, on the nose and on the lower lip complete his work.…

Body Modification: The Stimulus To Change Your Own Body

Cutting, branding, splitting the tongue: body modification. Where the trend comes from – and what you should know about the bizarre body changes.

Body Modification: What is it?

  • Body modification, also called BodyMod or body modification, stands for a multitude of changes to the human body.
  • These include tattoos, piercings, implants, cuttings, brandings, tunnels, microdermal, split tongues and elf ears.
  • Strictly speaking, lifts, botox treatments, breast enlargements or hair removal are also among the procedures.
  • Cool trendsetter: Even the ice mummy Ötzi wears tattoos. So people have long loved changing their bodies.

Ancient punks

Piercings have a long tradition. A “nose ring” is already mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 24:22). The ancient Aztecs pierced their tongues in a sacred ritual. Ear and lip piercings, as well as decorative scars, have been part of religious and spiritual rituals for thousands of years. They also provide information on social status or tribal affiliation.

The first nose piercings already existed 4,000 years ago in the Middle East. They finally came to India in the 16th century. From there, they spread to the west, mainly through hippies who encountered the jewellery on their travels.

Ötzi had 61 tattoos.

Who would have thought that Ötzi († between 3359 and 3105 BC) was a tattoo trendsetter? There are 61 tattoos on the mummy’s body. The ancient Egyptians also adorned themselves with tattoos. And before Roman emperors and popes issued bans, Christians were also pricked by religious symbols.

From renaissance and rebellion

The European tattoo experienced a renaissance through the contact of seafarers with the South Seas. Even Empress Sissi had an anchor stuck in the neck in a Greek harbour bar.

But tattoos can also exclude. So they were as used by Nazis, prisoners in concentration camps in an inhuman manner numbered.